Back Care

shutterstock_60140935BASIC BACK CARE

  • To prevent back pain, avoiding strain must become a way of life. Particular attention should be paid to the way you sleep, as even whilst you are sleeping, your muscles are working hard to support your spine, and assist your body to relax.
  • A good mattress should gently cradle your body, whether you lie on your back or your side, thus allowing the least possible lateral bending of the spine. Your main contact points ( shoulder, hips and lower back) need particular support as these are the heaviest parts, but still allowing for gentle support in the contours (e.g. the arch of your back).
  • Sleeping positions are also vital – sleeping on the side with the upper knee bent and a pillow underneath it for support is recommended, as is sleeping on the back, with a pillow under the knees for support. Sleeping on the stomach, or reading in bed can place severe strain on the back or neck.
  • It is important that the back and neck are kept as straight as possible so that they are relaxed while you sleep, otherwise the strain can result in muscle spasm and pain.

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