Silent Night Berkshire Motion

Product Description

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Luxurious Circular Knit Cashmere Fabric Mattress fabrics made from the precious soft wool of the cashmere goat ensures the ultimate in
sleep comfort.
Visco Elastic GEL Foam Visco Elastic Foam (Memory Foam) provides ultimate support and comfort as it is designed to take the shape of your body while always returning to its original shape. Gel treated for a cooler more luxurious sleep.
Latex Latex Foam Provides the ultimate in comfort and support with its recovery properties.
Low Profile Pocket Technology Low Profile Pocket Springs provide luxurious body contouring which enhances the sleep experience by conforming to the unique contours of the body.


High Quality Comfort Layers Provides great comfort and support.
High Quality Eco Friendly Insulation Protects the comfort layers from the springs for longer lasting comfort and support. Made form re-cycled material for a sustainable future
Active Support Technology the coils adjust instantly to you sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively.
Heat Treated Guaranteed by Legget & Platt Legget & Platt enhances the springs properties prior to the shaping process, creating the proper strength, ductility and performance to offer the best in comfort and reliability.
Fine Wire Technology Through fine wire technology, Legget & Platt has successfully engineered low diameter wire. By taking advantage of fine wire unique qualities, the process achieves unprecedented comfort and support.
Mechanical Base Our mechanical base offers the option to lift the torso part of the mattress as well as the leg part of he mattress independently. The mechanism also comes with a message function with 3 intensity levels. There is also the option of programming 2 ideal positions which can be reached at the press of a button.

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