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L’Xara Perfect Sleeper

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Product Description

  • MiraCoil Spring Unit
  • High density foam
  • Imported Belgian Knit fabric
  • Sanitized with HyCare, Scensic and Yoga line
  • 2 year guarantee
  • 4 year warranty
  • 6 year service warranty


L’Xara Perfect Sleeper

Spring unit:

  • MiraCoil Spring Unit – Exclusive to Serta International.
    • Strongest sleep system available – Continuous coil technology
    • Higher concentration steel in the centre third of the unit – 70% of the human body weight is concentrated between the shoulders and the knees;
    • Continuous coil technology – More support as the entire unit is used as the weight increases;
    • Studier unit with added longevity.
  • Tempered Spring Unit: Springs tempered
    • Benefit: Firmer spring = Firmer spring unit = more stable, more supportive and durable.
  • Edge support: Spring extended to the very end of the unit.
    • Along the seating edge to prevent border breakdown;
    • Provide added support along the edge – Benefit of this is that it prevents “rolling off” feeling;
    • Extends the “real” sleep surface area.


  • High density foam, provides firm yet comfortable sleep surface;
  • High density foam super soft foam for improved comfort levels.


  • Imported Belgian Knit fabric – “soft touch”;
  • Sanitized with:
    • “HyCare”, an Anti-mite and Anti-Bacterial additive;
      • Assists with the management of hygiene risks associated with sleep:
        • Seat;
        • Dead skin cells;
        • Dust mites.
      • Scensic – Billions of perfumed scent pods built into the fabric that explode with friction and heat which lasts 3 – 5 years of the product;
      • Yoga line – Patented Carbon technology that reduces static electricity build up in the sleep system, thereby preventing restless and uncomfortable sleep. Proven to lower stress and fatigue.
    • Foam High Density virgin foam adds a soft, comfortable, ultra-luxurious feel to the mattress layer.


  • Multiple slats for added strength;
  • Supported on 6 glides for easy positioning of the unit.

2 year guarantee + 4 year warranty

6 year service warranty.

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Single (91cm), Three Quarter (107cm), Double (137cm), Queen (152cm), King (183cm)

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